OpenEdge Credit Card Processing

Open Edge Credit Card Processing

Marina Controller integration customers can now accept boater credit card information in Swift Harbour via Open Edge, A Division of Global Payments. Setup is simple, secure and an easy way to help your business be fully PCI compliant. So whether you want to just protect yourself from no-shows, take deposits or want to process all your customers’ tabs remotely, the world is your oyster with this new feature.

For more information on pricing, setup and support please contact [email protected] for more information.

Browser Compatibility

The OpenEdge Paypage as part of Swift Harbour is compatible with the following browsers. Please note, marina dashboards must always use Chrome.
  • Internet Explorer = 11
  • Chrome for Desktop = version 37 and up
  • Chrome for Android = Android 5.0 and up
  • Mozilla Firefox = version 32 and up
  • Microsoft Edge = All Versions
  • Opera = version 17 and up
  • Safari Desktop = version 7 and up
  • Safari Mobile = IOS 5 and up
Please note: this is a beta feature so please use it with caution and report any anomalies to us at [email protected]