Electronic Moorage Agreement

Electronic Moorage Agreement

You can now have boaters agree to your moorage agreement at the time of booking to help raise awareness to your terms and conditions and in some cases reduce your liability. You can add any terms and conditions you like and customize each agreement to automatically populate the Customer Name, Agreement Date, or Customer Vessel Name. Each moorage agreement is then attached in the boaters booking in your dashboard.

Let’s get started…

Step 1

Visit Marina Settings > Moorage agreement (or click https://app.yachtingsbest.com/admin/reservation/moorageAgreement)

Step 2

Cut and paste (or write) your moorage agreement in the text box provided. If you cut and paste, please click on the remove format button to remove any unwanted formatting that could create anomalies in your text. To add customizations, paste the tags Customer Name: {customername}, Your Marina Name: {marinaname}, Agreement Date: {todaysdate}, Customer Vessel Name: {vesselname} in the appropriate areas and click save.

Step 3

Click the “Include moorage agreement when boaters book?” check mark at the top of the page and then click save

What your boaters will see

Congratulations, your boaters will now see, and agree to, your moorage agreement when they book.

View saved agreements

To view boater agreements, simply click on their booking and scroll to the bottom of the booking slider. You can then click on the agreement link to view, or print the agreement.

As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].