Placing conservation front and centre in our marine app

Throughout the world’s waters, there are large threats to environments and species at risk. The purpose of Swift Harbour Conservation is to provide a direct connection with mariners and give them the tools to avoid, respect and protect critical habitat and endangered species. By displaying conservation-related information and vessel position for our users to see while using our apps, we hope to raise awareness where it is most likely to affect change, right when boaters are hitting the water. Our ultimate goal is to grow these efforts to significantly contribute to a reduction in the degradation, pollution, and over-exploitation of areas in a way that has never before been possible.

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Our Story

After a lifetime of boating, starting by sailing around the world with his family, James Copeland saw how much modern technologies could help make boating more fun, convenient and accessible than it had ever been. A great proposition for both boaters and marinas.

Since its inception, Swift Harbour has grown quickly to bring the best of the conveniences we have come to expect in our daily lives…to the marine industry. For boaters, we make it easier to make the most of every trip on the water, discover new exciting spots and book moorage in seconds. For marinas, Swift Harbour is a fantastically simple way to maximize profitability, streamline operations and offer better hospitability services.

For further information about what Swift Harbour has to offer both boaters and partner marinas contact us at [email protected].

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