Swift Harbour™

The Simplest Way to Book and Manage Transient Guests

The 2020 Season is just around the corner, and you’ll soon be back to playing phone tag with transient boaters, transferring booking information from emails, and paying staff to repeat these tasks over and over again. Plus, more and more customers are requesting to get more information online which is a significant investment and another whole job to manage.

To address this, you could get a system built to share up-to-date information and automate some of the booking workload, or perhaps try to buy an expensive off the shelf software package and hack it to suit your needs.

Maybe you could just to rely on the manual methods and hope for the best, or…

Make 2020 the best year yet!

Use Swift Harbour™ at your marina, and leverage the best Sales, Booking, and Hospitality solution for managing transient guests.

Why not put the best technology in the business to work for you, with no upfront cost, zero risk and an easy road to higher profits.

Be Online Booking Ready – Take bookings from your social media pages, website, online ads, the Swift Harbour Apps and more!

Be Compliant – Automatically collect PCI compliant credit card information and boater-accepted moorage agreements at the time of booking

Be Highly Efficient – Manage bookings with one click, from any tablet, smartphone or computer. Set your policies, rates and hospitality information once, and it will automatically be shared with every boater.

Be Cost Effective – Swift Harbour only charges our low booking fee for bookings you accept, so you can rest assured that you only pay for our services when money is coming in.

Swift Harbour is Built Around Your Marina, Contact for a Demo and Pricing

Swift Harbour has been a great tool for our marina to help our guests book reservations. It is easy for boaters to book and just as easy for us to manage. It has been fantastic…we highly recommend using Swift Harbour!”

– Oydis Nickle, General Manager Union Steamship Co. Marina